Owner: Libby Shackelford

Instructors and Trainers: Libby Shackelford, Mae Goggans, Joy Owenby, Gracie Smith, Reagan Stapleton, Jamie Lee (roping coach), and Lizzy Sexton (queen and goat coach)

Our Horses: Jelly Bean (& Dandelion), Kuszo, Smarty Pants (& baby Josie), Oakley, Curly, Austin, The Duke, Buck, Penelope, Levi & Brittany

Barn Crew: Erika Hernandez, Roberto Lando, Will Stamps, Sarah Martin, Gracie Smith, and Eve Dewalder

Farriers: Jamie Lee

Vet: Dr. Diane Harrington

Massage Therapist: Carrie Roper Bailey  205-294-2778

Volunteers: Amanda Smith (Breyer Horse Lady)

Web & Social Media Manager: Molly Bridges