Owner: Libby Shackelford

Instructors and Trainers: Libby Shackelford, Mae Goggans Rawlins, Sarah Martin, Clara Jane Bridges, Reagan Farmer, Drew Townsend, Ashland Hinton, Philip Kelce (roping coach), Lizzy Sexton (queen and goat coach), and Sophie Weiss (junior instructor)

Our Horses: Jelly Bean, Kuszo, Curly, Austin, Hannah, Melania, Shiloh, Jackie Brown, Reglato (Gift from God), Cajun, and Paddy

Barn Crew: Erika Hernandez, Roberto Lando, Sarah Martin, Sophie Weis, Clara Jane Bridges, Ella Thornthwaite, and Gabbie Baker. 

Farriers: Jamie Lee 205-434-6562 & Ben Johnson 205-503-3165

Veterinary Services: Dr. Diane Harrington (Montevallo, AL) & Dr. April Andrews, Alabama Performance Horses (Pike Road, Alabama)

Massage Therapist: Carrie Roper Bailey  205-294-2778

Magnawave: Donna Leopard 205-577-5030

Volunteers: Dee Myers, Jack Short, Bianca Franklin, Yesmenia Franklin, Nina Gagliano, Emma Johnson, Kasey Johnson, & Richard Johnson.   

Web & Social Media Manager: Molly Bridges 205-516-6361

If you would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer please contact Ms. Libby for information on availability and eligibility and to schedule an interview 205-533-0432.