About Carousel O Breeds

Carousel O Breeds, LLC is a full-service boarding, training, breeding, and lesson facility.  COB has been operating successfully in Alabama for over 30 years. Their helpful staff are eager to assist you in achieving your goals.

Community Involvement and Honors:

Member of AQHA Professional Horsemen, Shelby County 4-H Volunteer Leader of the Shelby County 4-H Horse Club, REIN Graduate, United States Dressage Association member, Birmingham Dressage and Combined Training Association member, Secretary of the Shelby County Horse Network, Alabama High School Rodeo Association member, Alabama Horse Council Board Member, Birmingham Dressage and Combined Training Association’s Volunteer of the Year 2014, and 2020 National Cowgirl Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award, Elected Board Member of the Alabama Horse Council, and Elected Board Member of the Alabama 4H State Horse Show (volunteer).

A personal note from Owner, Libby Shackelford:

As the owner of Carousel O Breeds, I would like to personally welcome you as a new friend. I love greeting new clients because it allows me the opportunity to describe Carousel O Breeds’ philosophy. Our 40 plus years of success are due to this philosophy, which includes helping our clients meet and exceed their goals.

We at Carousel O Breeds give 110% to all our clients. Anything less is not good enough. This means that on every lesson we give you more than you expect and pay for. By consistently going the extra mile, we have created a successful atmosphere that works and all the kids love. In this same manner, we hope to earn your confidence and continued business. Carouselobreeds.com Ms Libby

Famous Libbyisms:

Ms. Libby, you are the top of the love pole. ~ Hunter Moates

“Heels down, toes up!”

“Thumbs to the moon!”

“Like riding a bicycle; you gotta peddle.”

“Like milking the titties on a mouse.”

“Suck your tummy in.”

“Talk to your horse.  Carry on a conversation like with your best friend.”

“The horse follows your nose.”

“Snap your head.”

“You move slower than my grandma.”

“Very important to walk your horse ten minutes before every ride.”

“Splint boots and bell boots every ride.”

“I’m gonna tickle you.”

“Hand to hip.”

“You get an A+.”

“Walk to the dumpster and back, then tighten your saddle.”

“Pat your helmet… it’s magic.”

“Wiggle your ponytail.”

“Other left.  Other right.”

“Become one with the horse.”

“Carry a rock in your right pocket all week to remember your right from your left.”

“Bounce the rein.”

“Horses resist pressure.”

“Outside leg for canter.”

“Remember outside and inside, it’s like an egg.  The shell is the outside, and the yolk is the inside.”

“No Whining Zone.”

“I admire HAPPINESS!”

“Sparkle Fades.”

“You’d better think that through.”

“I admire happieness.” 

“His voice took the sword out of my hand.” – Russian love story

“Never brag on your hay man.”

“Needling people is what I do.” Monte Walsh

“I ain’t spittin’ on my whole life.” Monte Walsh

“When God starts blessin’ the Devil starts messin’ ” 

“I don’t trust “happy” never will” Tender Mercies, movie

“No man can drag me down to hate him.”